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A balanced Athlete is a good Athlete

By October 1, 2019insights, vixens

Finding the balance

I have just completed my sixth season at the Vixens I honestly feel that the demands of professional sport have grown since I started back in 2014. I absolutely love  to train and play netball everyday but I also try to find time away doing something outside of netball throughout the season. Studying, holidays, hobbies or just enjoying life outside of netball or my main priorities.

Professional Sport is demanding

I am currently studying teaching at Deakin University.  As a Unversity they have been great to deal with and understand the needs of professional athletes. It’s great to chat to Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL players in between classes at University. I come from a family of teachers, mum, uncles, aunties, cousins and I think it’s something I have always wanted to do. I knew I wanted to teach ever since I set up “play school” in our lounge room and got my brothers to be my students. 🙂

Preparing for Life after Netball

Studying part-time around my netball commitments is a real benefit for me. When I was in high school completing VCE my parents were always making sure that study came first and sport came second. These days, even though my Netball is number my number one priority, I still value having a different career outside of sport.

Netball and sport in general, as we know, can end at anytime and sometimes we can’t plan when that happens so making sure that I complete my teaching degree is very important to me, So for now I will slowly, very slowly tick off my required subjects in pursuit of my goal to become a qualified teacher.

Balance provides Longevity

Physically we push our bodies every day at training and during games. In order to perform to the best of our abilities an athlete needs to be mentally strong. Having a strong identity outside of netball, supportive family and friends and just being able to step away from netball, switch off and relax is important.

As I prepare for the Australian Diaomonds 2019 Constellation Cup series and approach my 7th season as Melbourne Vixen in one of the toughtest Netball leagues in the World, I have grown to realise how important it is to have balance in my life if I wish to be the best that I can be for as long as I can.

Consider your own approach andthe things that make your approach to sport and your career balanced?

“Be your Best!”


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